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About the Plan

Kern Legacy Network Plus is an exclusive network health plan with two benefit tiers giving members choices when accessing health care services.

On the Preferred Tier, members can choose from a comprehensive list of providers participating in the EPO Network at the most affordable out-of-pocket expense with an even larger saving for most services provided by Kern Medical.


When members want MORE choices, the Plus Network offers another expansive list of participating providers to choose from. On this tier members will have a low annual deductible and coinsurance.

As a Kern Legacy Health Plan, Kern Legacy Network Plus is administered directly by County of Kern employees out of the County Administrative Offices, providing customer service, outreach and direction of care for the referral and authorization process, and the operations of the Provider Network which is also owned by the County of Kern. This unique structure provides members with a health plan team that is on their side. It’s customer service beyond expectations.