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EPO Benefit

Middle-aged couple
All of your healthcare needs can be met on the preferred EPO benefit tier. Using the EPO benefit will keep your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum.
No EPO Benefit Deductible  
Copay for Preventive Care
Primary Care $ 10 copay
Specialty Care $ 20 copay
Lab & X-ray $ 0 copay
CT, MRI, PET $ 25 copay
Urgent Care $ 15 copay
Physical Therapy* $ 0 copay
$ 10 copay:
Outpatient Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Chiropractic Care*
Outpatient Surgery
Surgery Center $ 50 copay
Hospital $ 150 copay
Inpatient Per Day/Per Admission
Hospitalization $100 up to $500
Rehabilitation $100 up to $500
Reduced Copays at Kern Medical:
Hospitalization $ 0 copay
Outpatient Surgery $ 0 copay
Surgery Center $ 0 copay
$ 0 copay:
Generic Prescription Drugs
$ 150 copay:
Emergency Room for Emergency Conditions
See the Master Plan Document (PDF) for a complete listing of benefits and copays.
(*benefit limitations may apply)
See the EPO Network Provider Directory (PDF) to see the most current listing of EPO Network providers.