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Kern Legacy Health Plan offers a three-tiered prescription drug program administered by WellDyneRX. This model allows you access to generic, preferred brand, and non-preferred brand medications. You can fill your prescriptions at any retail pharmacy, however there are benefits for filling prescriptions through a Kern Medical Network Pharmacy.

Take advantage of the delivery options Kern Medical has to offer.

  • For Current Employees - Direct to Desk delivery.

    Kern Medical will deliver your medications directly to your County office. For a current list of office delivery locations and for more information on how to get desk delivery started, (661) 862-7510 or view the form and instructions (PDF).

  • FedEx Delivery

    Kern Medical can deliver your medications to your home by FedEx at no additional cost. You must contact the pharmacy to request this services. FedEx delivery dates vary. A signature is required upon delivery.

For more information on WellDyneRX, register at or call 1-888-479-2000.

Other Pharmacy Benefit Information

  • Formulary

    - A list of the most commonly-prescribed drugs covered by the Plan. Medications listed in all CAPS are considered Brand.
    2020 WellDyneRx Universal Formulary (PDF)
  • Prior Authorizations

    - Some medications may require prior authorization to establish medical necessity. These authorizations are processed by WellDyneRX.
    Standard Medications Requiring Prior Authorization (PDF).

  • Specialty Medications

    - Require prior authorization. Most specialty medications are available at Kern Medical's Main Campus Pharmacy. If you need a specialty medication and Kern Medical doesn't carry it, please contact the Plan to direct you to the appropriate specialty pharmacy option.  Specialty Medications Requiring Prior Authorization (PDF).

  • Diabetic Supplies

    - WellDyneRX will provide diabetic supplies at a $0 copay for a 90 day supply through mail order.

At any retail pharmacy you have the following benefits: (30 day supply available)

  • Active Employees and Dependents:

    Generic/Preferred Brand/Non-Preferred Brand Copays $5/$30/$60
  • Retirees and Dependents and Renegade Dependents

    Generic/Preferred Brand/Non-Preferred Brand Copays $5/$45/$65