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Lab and Radiology

Laboratory collage

When Kern Legacy Health Plan first started, lab and radiology services were exclusive to Kern Medical. The Plan has lifted that restriction to make obtaining many of these routine services more convenient. Although lab and radiology services can still be provided at Kern Medical, that is not your only option.

With "Network Plus", Kern Legacy has many options at the EPO and Plus benefit tiers.

What if my doctor can do labs, ultrasounds, and simple x-rays in his/her office?

Your EPO and/or Plus doctor can perform labs, ultrasounds, and x-rays in his or her office. Remember that labs, some ultrasounds, and simple x-rays do not need prior plan approval; however, other advanced radiology procedures will need approval from the plan.

What if I am seeing a Plus Network doctor but I don’t want to pay the Plus benefit deductible and/or coinsurance for labs and radiology services?

To reduce any out of pockets you may have for expenses associated with lab and radiology services, take your doctor’s orders to an EPO Network facility for the requested services.

EPO Network Lab and Radiology Providers throughout Kern County:

  • Kern Medical Main Campus - Lab and Radiology Services
  • Kern Medical Columbus - Lab and Radiology Services
  • Foundation Laboratory - Lab Services
  • PAL - Lab Services
  • Quest Diagnostic - Lab Services
  • Kern Radiology - Radiology Services
  • Stockdale Radiology - Radiology Services
  • Truxtun Radiology - Radiology Services
Please see the EPO Network Provider Directory (PDF) for locations and phone numbers of lab and radiology providers above. You can also find see the Plus Network Provider Directory (PDF) for a list of Plus Network providers.