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Network and Contracting


Kern Legacy Network Plus uses Kern Health Care Network (KHCN), a network owned and maintained by the County of Kern. Within the network, there are two tiers of benefits associated with two network listings of providers.

If you are an EPO Network provider:

  • You were selected by the Plan to participate in the EPO Network.
  • You are listed in the EPO Network Provider Directory and are available to members at the Preferred EPO Tier with applicable copays and no annual deductible.

If you are a Plus Network provider:

  • You may have been contracted with KHCN previously for other County of Kern health plans and have been selected by the Plan to participate in the Plus Network.
  • You are listed in the Plus Network Provider Directory and are available to members at the Non-Preferred Plus Tier with a 20% coinsurance after annual deductible is met.

If at any time services are not available on the EPO benefit tier by EPO Network providers, the Plan may direct care to any KHCN contracted providers at the costs associated with the EPO Tier (EPO copays will apply). Services directed by the Plan will have a corresponding authorization that will state at what benefit level the services were authorized.

The EPO Network is exclusive with many specialties closed to Kern Medical facilities and physicians. The intention of the Plan is to maintain an exclusive Preferred Provider selection.

If you are contracted with KHCN but you do not see your name or facility listed on either the EPO or Plus Network listings it may be:

  • Because you do not have privileges at any of the contracted hospitals or surgery centers.
  • The specialty panels that you are associated with are closed to other groups or providers at this time.

In these instances you are located on an unpublished listing of contracted providers to be used by the Plan as necessary. If the plan directs care to you, you will receive prior authorization from the Plan.


If you are not currently contracted with KHCN and would like to discuss contracting, please call (661) 868-3280 options 2 and 5. All new contracts will be for the Plus Network or the Unpublished listing only as we are not looking to open the exclusive provider selection in the EPO Network at this time.